About Us

Fintech Buddy (FB) Saudi Arabia is fintech consulting firm (sponsored by The Law  Firm of Nasreen Alissa).

We are a one-stop shop firm that provides all services required by a fintech from licensing to operationalization, legal services, compliance, and long-term support.

Pre- Licensing: Compliance, Risk Assessment, Due diligence, MVP and Risk Assessment, Financial Feasibility, Operating and Business Model Assessment, Market Sizing, and MP.

Post  licensing services: Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, Data Privacy, Behavioural Credit Scoring, AML/Fraud Monitoring, Sharia Compliance, Policies and Procedures, Technology and Certification.

What makes FB different is that we join in a fintech’s journey from the very beginning until it achieves critical mass. Our journey does not end when we deliver a project, but we remain available for support well after submissions to a regulator, or to lend assistance in developing the technical infrastructure, staffing, policies and procedures, cybersecurity maturity assessment, behavioral credit risk scoring, online/real time AML and fraud monitoring, sharia compliance, data privacy, all in collaboration with a group of partner firms committed to fintechs and the Saudi market.

We measure our performance by the success of our fintech clients; as they acquire a license, reach a vital milestone, expand beyond borders, and achieve growth and sustainability.